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What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is a new way to add safety when you buy online. Adding a password to your existing Visa card, Verified by Visa ensures that only you can use your Visa card online. It's easy to activate for your existing Visa card, and it's free.

Here's how it works

1. Through your card issuer, set up your Verified by Visa password and activate your card in just a few minutes. To do so now, click here. 2. Once you activate your card, Verified by Visa protects you at every participating online store.
3. When you shop at a participating online store, your card will be automatically recognized as protected by Verified by Visa. 4. Look for your "Personal Message" to confirm that you are shopping at a legitimate merchant.
5. Enter your password correctly and the transaction will be completed as usual. 6. When you are completing your purchase, your issuer will verify your password.

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