Frequently asked questions

Can I register with my existing Visa card or do I need to apply for a new one?
You can register any Visa card to be protected by Verified by Visa as long as the service is offered by your card issuer.

Can I register more than one Visa card?
Yes, you can register all of your Visa cards as long as your Visa card issuer offers Verified by Visa.

How do I register my Visa card?
Click here to go to your issuer to find out how to register your Visa card for Verified by Visa.

My spouse and I both have the same card number. How does Verified by Visa work for the two of us?
Verified by Visa works for the both of you. You will each register and create your own password. Once a Visa account is registered with Verified by Visa, all cardholders will need to register and create their own passwords before shopping at participating online stores.

Can I register my non-Visa payment cards with Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is only offered to protect Visa cards.

After I register, how long does it take for Verified by Visa to become active for my card?
The added protection of Verified by Visa is available as soon as your card issuer confirms that your registration is successful. With many issuers, this is done instantly while you are in the process of shopping so you can benefit from the security of Verified by Visa immediately.

Once I have registered, how do I use Verified by Visa when I shop online?
You'll find all the details on how to use Verified by Visa when shopping online at the Verified by Visa online shopping demo. To view this, you must have Adobe Flash player installed.

Do I need any special equipment or software on my computer?
No. All you need is an internet connection and browser such Internet Explorer. Most web browsers are compatible with Verified by Visa.

Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?
You can use Verified by Visa on any computer that has an internet connection and browser such as Internet Explorer. Most web browsers are compatible with Verified by Visa.

What is a Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message?
When you register for Verified by Visa, your issuer may ask you to create a Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message. When you pay online, always look for this Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message - it is your assurance that it is your card issuer that is authenticating you.

I have internet access on my mobile phone, can I use Verified by Visa through it?
While Verified by Visa can be used over mobile devices with connections to the internet, only some Visa card issuers are offering this service. Please check directly with your Visa card issuer.

Where can I shop with Verified by Visa?
Look for the Verified by Visa mark at participating online stores.

How will the online store know that I have Verified by Visa?
Participating online stores will automatically recognize your Visa card number if it's registered for Verified by Visa.

What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, contact your card issuer customer service to reset your password.

If I suspect someone has stolen my password or used it to make fraudulent purchases, what should I do?
Contact your Visa card issuer immediately.

I've been asked for my CVV2 number. What’s that?
The CVV2 number is your card's 'Card Verification Value 2'. It is the 3-digit security code found on the back of your Visa card. Your CVV2 number is yet another layer of protection Visa implements to prevent fraud before it happens. Click here to learn more 3-Digit Security.

My online order was lost or damaged and I’ve already been charged. What can I do?
First, you should contact the merchant to query your delivery. If the merchant won't help you, the next step is to call your card issuer to dispute the transaction. Click here to learn more Pay with Confidence.

How do I know if I'm protected with Verified by Visa?
Contact the bank that issued your Visa card to check that the bank provides you with the Verified by Visa service. If it does, you can ask them to activate additional password protection. Click here to learn more Verified by Visa.

Can I get the benefit of Verified by Visa security at online stores that are not participating in the service?
No. However more and more online stores are offering Verified by Visa. In the meantime, if an online store you trust is not yet participating, use common sense and follow our online shopping tips.